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Kid Zone follows the "Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum". This is a guide designed to support parents and caregivers in creating nurturing learning environments for young children. The goals of this programming are:

  1. Well-Being: children experience safe and caring environments where their emotional and physical health, postitive identities, and sense of belonging are nurtured and protected.
  2. Play and Playfulness: children experience open and flexible environments where playful exploration, problem solving and creativity are encouraged and purposefully planned.
  3. Communication and Literacies: children experience intellectually, socially and culturally engaging environments where their communicative practices, languages, literacies, and literate identities are valued and supported.
  4. Diversity and Social Responsibility: children experience socially inclusive and culturally sensitive environments in which consideration for others, inclusive, equitable, democratic and sustainable practices are enacted, and social responsibility is nurtured. Our well trained staff will provide the atmosphere to enhance your child's natural abilities and encourage them to "try new things". If you are interested in learning more about this programming format google "early learning and child care curriculum".

Our After-School Programs are structured to address the interests and development levels of children in kindergarten through 6th grade. The programs are based on choices, children will gain independence and have the freedom to learn more about what interests them. They can choose from a variety of fun, hands-on, age appropriate activities. Our After-School Programs feature opportunities for socialization, physical fun and sports, games, mini-tournaments and other activities that allow the kids time to "kick back and relax". For those that need to "burn some energy, we will offer hockey, soccer, and outdoor activities. Music provides the opportunity to sing, dance and express yourself. A showcase for young artists and creative minds, there is painting, crafts, building materials and more! It's the next best thing to being home! We offer Wii and X-Box (this is monitored), movies, board games, puzzles or this can be a great place to finish your homework. We are all about "choices". 

FULL DAY PROGRAMS: Monday - Friday 7:15 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS: Monday - Friday 1:30p.m.- 6:00p.m. (school closures 7:15-6:00 at The Quispamsis United Church and Kid Zone Too!)